Hot Hot Timpanogos

Hot Hot Timpanogos

I just couldn’t get enough – Timp was so beautiful last week. This time I did in the heat of the day and suffered for it. It was hot and I had a sour stomach for a lot of it. However, once up top I had the summit to myself and I saw some nice goats at the saddle on my way down. Well worth it!

The view of the main summit peak when you first pop into Timpanogos Basin never fails to impress. Dang!


Obligatory summit selfie, this week with the south ridgeline behind me


There were about 10 goats at the saddle and right on the trail. Thankfully, they let me pass.


Goats and the summit peak


Driving down American Fork Canyon, I happened to look up right at the spot where you can see “The Devil’s Eye” arch. Perfect timing, as I knew there was a place you could see it, but had never spotted it.

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