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Month: June 2013

Professor, Meet Trails. Trails, Meet the Professor

Professor, Meet Trails. Trails, Meet the Professor

Here’s where the rubber really hits the road…or should I say, dirt.

Over 2012 and into mid-2013 I had begun to run on occasion.  I enjoyed the feeling of satisfaction, and general pleasure in attempting to be healthy, etc…

But I did not enjoy running.  I almost started to enjoy it in October 2012, but the IT band pain quickly put a stop to my enthusiasm.

Then my family and I moved to Utah. Our next door neighbor just happened to be from my hometown of Bellingham, WA and we bonded over that and music and other stuff.  Then, I found out that he runs ultra marathons.  Big 100 milers up in the mountains.  And he’s good.  Talking with him was a revelation.  What?!  I can run…on trails?!?!

Growing up I did a lot of hiking and mountain biking in NW Washington.  I love trails.  I don’t know why I never thought of it before – running on trails.  I immediately sensed that this might be a “type” of running that I could really fall in love with.  Boy, was I right.