First Trip to the Uintahs

First Trip to the Uintahs

Sinful, right? I have lived in Utah for 4 years and still hadn’t visited the state’s highest mountain range yet. With my two kids in tow, we trekked up to the Uintah Mountains for a hike. We did a loop in the “Lakes District,” clockwise past Crystal Lake, Cliff Lake, Petite Lake, Watson Lake, Clyde Lake, the Twin Lakes, Wall Lake, and many other unnamed ones. My kids, ages ~7 and 9 did great! The whole route was above 10,000 feet and they were total champs. We had some hot sun, cold wind, rain, and hail! I have heard that the Uintah trails are all very rocky. Yeah. No joke. There were very few stretches of smooth trail. But wow. I’ll be back again soon I hope.

Cliff Lake


Looking down at Clyde Lake


Between Clyde and Twin Lakes

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