Murdock Mountain, Nevada, Elko County

Murdock Mountain, Nevada, Elko County

For work I did a writing retreat to a friend’s off-grid remote cabin in the Murdock Mountain region of Nevada, Elko County. Not only did I get an incredible amount of work done revising my book manuscript, but I took a few hours to tag the local peak. I approached from southwest, up a jeep road. I hit the saddle west of the false west summit and the wind was just ripping over it. It was gorgeous though. Along the ridgeline up to the west summit, then down and up to the main summit – views for days. From there, I continued east for the descent and looped some other jeep roads back down. It was possibly the most remote adventure run I have done. I was the first person to sign the summit registry since 2015! Ha! I’ll go back and do the full ridgeline someday.

Looking up the jeep road to the summit ridgeline


Just east and above the saddle that sits at the top of the jeep road, down and west of the false west summit


The entire summit ridge was covered with bright orange lichen – so pretty


Murdock Mountain summit looking north towards Idaho


Murdock Mountain summit looking east towards Utah


Murdock Mountain summit looking south towards the Toana and Pequop Ranges

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