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Month: November 2016

Petroglyphs, Monster Wolf Spiders, and More Johnson’s Hole

Petroglyphs, Monster Wolf Spiders, and More Johnson’s Hole

For some reason my last few local runs have all been around the Johnson’s Hole area. There are a lot of dirt access roads for the aqueducts and water infrastructure up there – which makes for some nice easy miles, when I’m too lazy or beat up to bang out the singletrack. Here’s some recent routes.

I took the kids up to some boulders above Johnson’s Hole that have petroglyphs on them. Very cool. They are quite weathered due to their being out in the elements. My archaeologist friends date these to the pre-Fremont era, pre-1,000 AD.




Also, my daughter spotted TWO enormous wolf spiders. It was about 3-4 inches across. If you spread it out flat, probably 5 inches or so. Nuts.

Enthused by the area I went back to explore more. I did a double loop of the Johnson’s Hole / Great Western, one in each direction, then explored up-canyon on one of the lower aqueduct (Union?) roads, climbed back up to the Alta Aqueduct road. There I found the old 1857 Provo Canyon Guard Quarters, built during the Utah War and then manned for a while to monitor Native activities in the region. I also got in a good schwack and sliced my leg up on the scrub oak. It had been a while, I figured.

This run was particularly soul-invigorated. I was up in a region with TONS of access, trails, dirt roads, etc., but I didn’t see a single person. I felt so good to have the place to myself.

I can’t get over how awesome the north end of the Cascade Massif is. That fold!
I saw what looked like a trail-marker in the brush, and it was this historical marker.
The structure’s walls are only a couple feet high now – all fallen overgrown now

Today it was 75 and it is supposed to snow in a couple days, so I figured I should get one last sweaty run in.


Tennessee Trails

Tennessee Trails

Work found me in Nashville, Tennessee this week. I managed to squeeze in one run in the large Percy Warner Park. Fall leaves were bright and the temperatures were perfect. The trails were well-maintained but at times rocky. I was particularly surprised by how taxing the constant up-down-up-down was. Very hilly and tough to get into a good rhythm. The fact that my stomach was totally off (too much delicious fried southern food) probably didn’t help.

Fall leaves in Tennessee
Fall leaves in Tennessee
Random trail chimney
Random trail chimney