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Month: August 2015

Some Slow and Easy Rehab Runs

Some Slow and Easy Rehab Runs

With muscle relaxants doing their work, I was advised to try some easy slow runs. The Dr. didn’t have to ask me twice!

Thursday I hit the some Orem/Lindon BST. It was great to get out and move, but I did it in the heat of the day and the temps really got to me!

Feeling good, I tried a new place on Friday – up Provo Canyon and to Big Springs, on the backside of the Cascade Ridge. I went up the Big Springs / Shingle Mills Trail and down the Big Springs Hollow Trail.

I picked the east side of the mtns in hopes of finding some more afternoon shade. Oops. The first mile was out in the open sun! A nice breeze kept me a lot cooler than the day before.
Looking up the canyon towards Big Spring

Monday night I tried out some twisty mtn. bike trails above Lindon. It was a BLAST! Between all the twists and turns, there was a lot of flattish runnable terrain. I will definitely add this loop to my regular rotation.

I came around a sharp corner and literally ran into a deer. I put my hand out as I skidded to a stop and my hand hit its back left flank. The deer just exploded off the ground and bounded a few paces away. Then, it just stared at me as I fumbled to get a picture. Here he is a ways off.
Lot of the trail just zigzagged up a the foothills through this deep grass. Very cool to run through.
Perpetual Over-Use Injuries

Perpetual Over-Use Injuries

My running “career,” now about 2-3 years old, has been a long series of overuse injuries. I feel strong, get excited, and run more miles that my body can handle. IT Band issues, stress fractures or tendonitis in my ankles, overly strained feet, the list goes on.

Now, it is my back. I have had back issues for 20 years or so, the most painful of which is when I get myofacial trigger points and muscle spasms. These happen a couple times a year and usually clear up within a week or so. Back in 2008-09 I had a particularly bad episode while on a research trip to D.C. I could barely walk and it severely dampened my sight-seeing when the archives were closed.

Running the Alta-Brighton loop about a year ago, I had another severe episode that was, to date, probably the worst ever. Strained back muscles – apparently not conditioned for the miles I was trying to put in – fatigued to the point that they contracted, formed trigger points, and spasmed horribly. I couldn’t move. It was bad.

A couple days after my 20 miler on 17 July, it happened again. This time worse than ever before. The spasms lasted about a week, but some severe pain which left me unable to sit lasted for another 2 weeks. During week 4, the spasms returned. Thankfully, muscle relaxants loosened the muscles, and the pain was gone with in a few hours of my first dose.


So once again I have been taught the painful lesson that I need to exercise (strengthen my core muscles especially) in order to go out and exercise more (on the trails). It kind of irks me. I thought the trail running WAS my exercise? No. For the distances I want to be able to do, I need to start viewing trail running as my hobby. And, in order to pursue it, I need to exercise and strengthen so my body can do it. Sigh. Currently the campus pool is closed, but when it opens I’m going to start hitting it for laps.