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Month: March 2015

Centennial Bushwhack

Centennial Bushwhack

I recently took a new job about 50 miles from home. This means long train commutes. Until my family moves, I am working Tuesdays and Thursdays at home. This means that if I put in extra hours on MWF, which I inevitably do while working 1.5 hours each way on the train, I have a little time to run during the days on T/Th.

Today, I decided to combine work + play. I took a large pile of papers that I needed to review, put them in my pack, and ran to the top of Flag Rock in Farmington.

Flagrock Work Day (1)

At Flag Rock there is a nice bench. So, I sat and worked for 2-3 hours. It was amazing. Best day at the office ever.

Flagrock Work Day (2)

When I finished working, I decided to keep climbing, rather than go straight back down. From Flag Rock the Centennial Trail supposedly goes all the way to Farmington Peak – above the Steed Creek Cliffs¬† – intersecting with the Farmington Spine Trail. Knowing that rattlesnakes are coming out, I figured that this [likely] bushwhack wouldn’t be advisable for much longer.

Up I went. The trail was marked with flags, but the higher I got, the fainter the trail was. Finally, It was just a bushwhack following flags.

Steed Creek Cliffs (1)
1 Mile up Centennial, you hit a clearing with a tree and can finally see the Steed Creek Cliffs to the south.

After the clearing, the flagging got spotty. They led up and around some small rocks cliffs that stand at the top of the ridge between Rudd Creek (to the north) and Hornet Creek (to the south). Above that, I lost the flagging fairly quick. Had I just continued bushwhacking up and slightly south along the ridge, I would have intersected with the Spine trail – maybe less than a mile away. Bummer. I should have soldiered on.

Instead, I cut south, bushwhacking down to Hornet Creek, making a very sketchy snowy crossing, and then eventually picking up the Steed Creek Trail at the north flank of the cliffs.

Then, I bombed back down to the car.

Steed Creek Cliffs (2)

Steed Creek Cliffs “Hole”

If Centennial was better flagged and had a couple trail maintenance parties – head up with loppers and a couple picks – this could be a REALLY cool route to the top. You could loop it down the Farmington Spine, or Steed Creek. Speaking of which, Steed Creek needs to be flagged from the cliffs – up to the overlook and road at the top of the Spine.

Buffalo 25k Course Again

Buffalo 25k Course Again

My wife’s brother’s wife, Rachael, has been getting into trail running and asked if I would take her out on some trails while she is up visiting Utah this week. As you can imagine, she didn’t have to twist my arm. I decided on Antelope Island and she was excited to try out the Buffalo 25k course – which would be a distance and elevation gain PR for her. She crushed it.

Rachael on the way up the first climb.
Morning moon and Rachael at the top of the first climb.


We hit the trail around 7 and it was just beautiful. We took our time and had a lot of fun. Plus, we saw a ton of other runners out. The parking lot at White Rock Bay had 50+ cars when we got back.

For me, I did it a tiny bit slower than last time, but got a bunch of PRs on the south loop. Probably aided by the 7 minute mile I ran heading down the trail to Split Rock Bay. Zoom! 2nd best 1/2 marathon and 2nd best 20k times too. Pleased as punch.


Also – no stress fracture pain and no IT band pain! Woot woot!


Requisite #trailfie at the end. By 9:00 it was warming up and felt great to run in short sleeves for the last 6-7 miles.