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Month: November 2014



Turkey Trot

We are making a family tradition out of doing a race on Thanksgiving morning. We did it back in 2012, a 5 miler that seemed like the farthest distance I would ever run. This time the Mrs. and I did the Turkey Leg 5k in Farmington. It was a lot of fun. I should have eaten a little better in the morning though because I felt like the tank was empty. Still the 25:00 time was pretty good for me. Afterwards I ran home (also 5k) as extra credit to earn myself some more pie.


A Painful Epiphany About Shoes and my Altra Conversion

A Painful Epiphany About Shoes and my Altra Conversion

Last night, as there was a mix of rain and snow falling, I decided to strap on my headlamp and go for a run up on the Bonneville Shoreline Trail from Davis Creek, south (blog post coming soon, perhaps). I figured that higher up on the trail, it would be snow and not rain. Thankfully, I was right. Just snow…and some crazy thick fog banks that the trail kept on climbing up into and then descending below, and then climbing back into. But, that isn’t the point of this post. The point, is my feet.

For the snow, I have a pair of Montrail Badrocks. They are UBER waterproof and have nice grippy soles and lugs. Not knowing how slick it would be, I strapped them on. I got them last winter and only put about 20 miles in them before being laid up with injuries for most of February and March – but I enjoyed how they felt on the snow.

In the interceding 9 months, however, I bought a pair of Altras (the Olympus), and then another pair (Lone Peak 2.0), and then another pair (Paradigm). With the big toe box, zero drop, and MAX cushioning (which is why I picked those specific models), I found that the shoes solved a lot of my prior injury problems. In other words, I completely converted to the brand.

So, last night was my first time running in non-Altras for about 9 months. They felt fine, but I could tell there wasn’t as much cushion. Then, I woke up this morning. Wow. The soles of my feet hurt way more than usual, my knee and hip-joints felt a bit more beat up, even my back hurt more. Was it the shoes? I suspect so. My body has grown accustomed to that max cushioning on the Altras. Well, lesson learned!

As for the snow – maybe I’ll take an old pair of Altra Lone Peak 1.0s that a friend gave me (hand-me-down) screw some 1/2 inch sheet rock screws in there and use them!

Night Milezzz

Night Milezzz

This week I strapped on my headlamp and put in a couple runs on the BST / Firebreak roads above Farmington. I enjoy running at night – but not on narrow hemmed-in trails with lots of obstacles under-foot. This makes the otherwise boring Firebreak road sections of the Bonneville Shoreline Trail system above Farmington the perfect option. With the temperatures cool, I don’t overheat, I feel great, and only occasionally psych myself into thinking I see glowing eyes watching me. Run!

On Monday I started at Davis Creek and ran north. It felt great, I didn’t slow down and walk at all – just kept on going (albeit slow at times) and I PRd on a bunch of segments. Great run!

4.5 miles in 43:55 @ 9:43 min/mile and with 411 ft. elevation gain

On Thursday I started at the same place, but went south onto some trails and dirt roads I haven’t been on before. It was snowing and there was a THICK fog bank that my route kept on climbing into, descending out of, climbing back into, etc… When I got back to my car I couldn’t see it until I was about 10 ft. away – it was that thick. Also – I swapped out my Altras for something with more traction for the snow. Read about that here.

4.3 mile sin 50:57 @ 11:46 min/mile and with 780 ft. elevation gain

Untitled picture3

Farmington BST Night Run (1)

Shepherd Creek Shenanigans

Shepherd Creek Shenanigans

My plan for this morning, since there still isn’t any snow upon the top of the mountains in Davis County, was to run to Morgan. Up Baer Canyon, over to Smith Creek Lakes, and then down Smith Creek to the network of dirt roads that lead over to Morgan. Unfortunately, someone mentioned that it is private land on the Morgan side. I spoke with the landowner and he wouldn’t give permission.


Instead, I explored up Shepherd Creek. I have heard that the trail goes all the way to Francis Peak, but as with most of our trails – I figured it probably fades out.

I followed it about 2.5 miles up, and there were still pink ribbons tied in trees ahead. So, I am optimistic that it might actually be a viable route to the top. I made it about 1/2 way. Coming down from Francis Peak, there is a visible trail on the ridge. Maybe 1.5 miles between where I ended and that trail starts up? It could be a fun future adventure.

In any case – the Shepherd Creek trail was well marked, but a bit rough. No bushwhacking, but it is not the most well established or packed down trail.

Where I ended the trail winds around the base of some cliffs and then climbed to their top – which was cool. From there, you could see a set of waterfalls/slides on Shepherd Creek. It would be fun to hike down to them.

Did I mention that I was dead tired with no energy – took it pretty slow. More of a hike than run.

4.4 miles in 1:51:20 @ 25:32 min/mile and with 2,084 ft. elevation gain (mostly in the first 2.5 miles)

Untitled picture Untitled picture2


Bad omen for an early AM run.
Looking up-canyon. See the pink George Chipman ribbon? marking the way around the rock outcrop?
Looking down on the valley from about 2.5 miles up the canyon