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Month: February 2014

Injured Ankle Test Runs after 1 Month Rest

Injured Ankle Test Runs after 1 Month Rest

This last month has been incredibly frustrating.  Again, right as I was feeling good about running, an injury.  As I posted previously, I injured and reinjured and reinjured my left peroneal tendon.  So, in hopes of being able to come back 100% when the weather warmed and the trails cleared, I haven’t run for the last month.  There have been some nice days too – weatherwise – so it has been frustrating to sit at home.

I parked at the Farmington Pond and ascended the trail up to the Bonneville Shoreline Trail / Firebreak Road and took that to the Steed Creek Trailhead, which was conveniently exactly 2 miles away.  I could feel my ankle being a bit tender, but not bad.  I took it easy and didn’t push too hard.  At 2 miles, I hit finish on my GPS, thinking I would just walk back.  I ended up turning my GPS back on for the way back and walked/jogged.  IT was in the 50s, but the BST is in full sunlight, and I got surprisingly hot and sweaty.  I feel a real sense of forboding of the hot summer months to come…

When I got home I could feel some soreness, but nothing too bad.  Time will tell.  If I wake up tomorrow limping, I’ll know I hit the trails too soon.  Fingers crossed.

2 miles @ 12:08 min/mile with 402 ft. elevation


2 miles @ 11:45 min/mile with 97 ft. elevation

Spring Evening Above Farmington