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Month: January 2014

Ankle Tendon Damage, Scarring

Ankle Tendon Damage, Scarring

I went to a doctor who is here on-site at work and had her look at my ankle.  She could feel some scar tissue on my tendon, indicating that it had been damaged, started healing, and then re-damaged.  Yup.  I’m an idiot.  So much for keeping on pace to hit 500 miles this year.  I’m out for a while.

Attempt to get above the Smog, ankle trouble

Attempt to get above the Smog, ankle trouble

Tonight I decided to give my ankle a try.  I hadn’t run on it for 8 days. I started partway up 400 N in Bountiful and ran up past the LDS Bountiful Temple towards Mueller Blvd., then I turned around, and bombed back down 400 N. and a ways up 400 W. I clocked some of my fasts miles going down the hill.  At about mile 2 my IT bands started hurting, but oddly enough, as I flew down the hill, the pain went away.  Nice!

My ankle was a different story.  I could feel it hurting the whole time, but oddly, it hurts most when I stop running and just walk.  In any case – it is hurting now.  This may have been a mistake.

It was nice to get above the inversion smog though – which has been really bad.

6.3 miles @ 9:15 min/mile and 378 ft. elevation.

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Above the inversion


Flat No Vert IT Band Rehab Runs and new Ankle Injury, Jan. 1 – Jan. 20

Flat No Vert IT Band Rehab Runs and new Ankle Injury, Jan. 1 – Jan. 20

When I got back from Arizona, I decided that I would try to rehab my IT Bands. They hurt the worst going downhill, so I thought maybe staying flat – on the pavement trails around my house – would help.  Over the course of a few weeks, I did 6 flat runs. I would do stretches on the trail every 1/2 -1 mile for 20-30 seconds on each side. It actually worked pretty well and by the 6th run I was feeling very little to no IT Band pain!  Hooray! And, it was actually fun to pound the pavement and work on my speed and pace.  I posted some of my fastest paces ever. Concurrent with this was the New Year and I decided to make a resolution.  I wanted to run 500 miles this year.  This motivated me for these 3 weeks to keep on getting out there and clocking miles and was probably my most runningest (not a word, I know) month ever.

Jan. 1: 5.2 miles @ 9:10 min/mile

Jan. 4: 6.2 miles @ 8:48 min/mile

Jan. 9: 4.2 miles @ 9:35 min/mile

Jan. 11: 3.7 miles @ 9:03 min/mile

Jan 15: 5.0 miles @ 9:34 min/mile (with MVH)

At this point, my left peroneal ankle tendon began hurting.  That’s right – the right ankle was feeling fine, but now my left ankle started hurting. I think it was, again, from doing a few runs on uneven snow. Stupidly, I ran through the pain a few days later and blasted out a PR for a 10k.  I was excited about that, but woke up the next morning in extreme pain – totally limping around.

Jan 20: 6.3 miles @9:02 min/mile (10k PR)