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Month: September 2012

September 2012, First Race

September 2012, First Race

The planned 5k race was 29 September 2012, so I decided to give my knees a break and only do bike rides for the month.  7 days out, I went out for a 1 mile jog.  Knee felt fine, but I didn’t want to push it.

The race was early on a Saturday morning.  At the fire of a cannon I took off, adrenalin pumping and pushing me to run faster that I ever had before.  I posted a PR 5k time and pace (7:45 min/mile) and felt great.  I was exhausted but the excitement of the “Race” atmosphere made me run fast.  And no knee pain!  It was great.

Julianne and me before the race.  It was a bit chilly out.

Boat ride 8

Going wakeboarding later that day probably didn’t help the knee injury….