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Month: July 2012

July 2012. It Begins, then stops.

July 2012. It Begins, then stops.

Sometime in July 2012, my wife and I decided to run a Breast Cancer benefit 5k to be held in September.  This meant we needed to figure out how to run.

I put in a few 3 mile runs over the course of a couple weeks, pace at 9:18 min/mile, 9:38 min/mile, 9:56 min/mile, and 9:43 min/mile.  I was pleased as punch.

These runs were a mix of running/walking.  I was lucky to go a straight mile w/ no breaks.

Unfortunately, I also incurred the first of many stupid injuries.  I was running pavement wearing old, worn-out Nike Alvord trail shoes I had used for hiking previously.  They were the only athletic shoes I owned, and while technically trail “running” shoes, they didn’t work well on pavement.  And, after 4 runs, I got a bad case of shin splints.  Ouch.  Couldn’t walk for a few days and had to switch to riding my bike for a bit.

Something had clicked though.  I was kind of enjoying it – even though I hated myself mid-run as I panted and gasped for air.  The July heat probably wasn’t helping.